Fresh New Pets Supplies now in stock…

We are just to excited to not share the news:

Fresh New Pets Supplies now in stock…

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New Shipment of Logitech X540

All of us here at RoboBargains are so excited I just had to blog about our new shipment of Logitech X 540  computer speaker systems we just recieved. The Logitech X-540 Speaker system is the best audio sound system you will find for under a hundred dollars.

We sell out of these extremely fast and it has been a little while since we have had the chance to receive a new shipment of them.

Logitech Audio sounds system X-540

Logitech X-540 70 watts 5.1 Speakers w/Subwoofer

Whether you’re into games or movies, you have to have great sound to totally immerse yourself into the experience and that’s what you get from Logitech’s X-540 speaker system. The FDD2™ (Frequency Directed Dual Driver) technology produces a uniform sound field anywhere in the room. A ported, down-firing sub-woofer moves massive amounts of air for a powerful bass response.

Color coded jacks make setup quick and easy, allowing you to spend time on what’s really important: eliminating the bad guy and hearing him scream. The satellite speaker stands rotate to become wall mount brackets and the center speaker has a clip that allows it to mount to most LCD flat panel monitors.

A wired remote control pad has a volume knob, headphone jack, bass control and a button for “Matrix Mode”. Matrix mode turns regular stereo signals into a 5.1 audio stream.

But I do need to warn you, these Logitech X540 systems sell out fast!

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Disney’s Winnie the Pooh Spelling for $1.00! For 24 hours only!

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Disney’s Winnie the Pooh Spelling

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Creating Keepsakes Scrapbook Designer for $0.95 – Scrapbook Software Digital Scrapbooking

For the next 24 hours, is offering you

Creating Keepsakes Scrapbook Designer

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Sony MDR headphones available at!

Sony Pro Headphones MDR Series on sale now!

Introducing the Sony MDR Series headphones! We have had so much requests for these we decided to provide a comparison article for you. Now enjoy clear, quality sound at an affordable price. Suited for users such as college students, studio professionals, gamers or casual listeners; these comfortable, light-weight headphones will provide you high quality audio without emptying your wallet!

Sony MDR7502

Simple efficient headset. Lightweight, clear sound. Although it is not comparable to high-end headphones where precise sound quality is required, this is something that a user can comfortably wear since it is very light, and enjoy crisp quality sound with good bass levels.  Excellent for college students on the go, or even the common commuter that needs lightweight, comfort and excellent sound. Need to zone out that annoying person next to you in the bus, you found the solution with these!

Contact us at, or 866-304-4550 for inquiries





Sony MDR7506 (AKA Sony MDRV6)

Sony MDR7506, Also known as Sony MDRV6 is an amazing set of studio headphones. According to our customers, these are excellent for professional use in the studio, but also work well for personal home use. These carry excellent reproduction quality from bass to high-end. Excellent punch and clarity and carry a sensitive volume characteristic which make it easy to phase out ambient and live sound in the environment around you. This volume sensitivity is not only helpful in conserving your mp3 players batteries, but quite simply, if you put it into any audio source, it will produce clear quality sound.

Check out for these! Link here.







Sony MDR7510

The MDR7510 is an amazing set for the professional studio producer. Although these are slightly heavier than its lower models, it provides powerful bass and excellent sound cancellation so you can hear your music without disruptions. These are geared more towards the avid user with an ear for quality sound. You may ask what the differences are between this set and the lower models. You have to check out the specs and see for yourself. The Sony MDR7510 has a much higher power capacity. Nearly Double!

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Sony MDR7520

Sony MDR7520 is the flagship studio headset by Sony. These boast a Crystal diaphram built into the earphones itself providing crisp quality sound.  Not recommended for novice users, simply due to the price and weight of this item. For sound professionals where consistent, accurate reproduction is necessary.

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Have ton’s of cash? Here is a tool to help you manage…and it’s not your mattress! Intuit Quicken Premier 2012 on sale!

Tired of the wife/husband/significant other always nagging at how you spend? Now is a chance to grab software that will help you track your budget, manage your money and hit your target financial goals all in one place!

Here at, we try to find all possible solutions for our problems by using software!

Now for 24 hours, Intuit Quicken Premier 2012 is on sale for an amazing $31.95!

Features of Intuit Quicken Premier 2012:

  • See all your investment accounts in one place, so you can make
    better buy/sell decisions
  • Track deductions and create reports to make tax time easier
  • Easily manage your investments to meet your goals

See link here.

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